Nouba Professional Make Up

Nouba Professional Make Up
    • BLUE SHIELD Lip oil


      A lush lip serum infused with nurturing oils that immediately softens the lips, giving high moisturizing feeling.Its oil-based formula creates a protective shield on the lips that locks water, keeping them smooth and supple. Transparent formula and glossy finish.Coconut scented. 

    • BLUSH ON BUBBLE Baked blush


      Baked blush designed to give the cheeks a natural complexion. Its talc free formula releases a transparent film and pure color giving the face a refined “bonne mine” effect. The build up texture can be used wet& dry. Long lasting finish. Available in both opaque and pearly version.



      Biphasic make up remover solution that quickly dissolves long-lasting or waterproof lipsticks with the simple swipe of a cotton pad. It guarantees a perfect cleansing and a pleasant sensation of well-being. ONE-OFF leaves the lips clean, soft and elastic, without unwanted grease residues.Ideal for easily removing MILLEBACI

    • BROW POWDER Brow powder pen


      TheBrow Powder Pen is specially designed to ensure an easy application and seamless result. The sponge applicator carefully distributes the powder, ensuring a full-eyebrow finish. Its unique texture enables to add definition to the eyebrows, enhance their look. The pen features a sponge tip for an easy application.

    • BRUSH N° 16


      Big brush for blushes and powders. The natural bristles are soft and silky, to allow easy and uniform application. The convex shape follows the facial features perfectly.

    • COLLISION Multicolor blush


      4-colour blush with a soft consistency to enhance the skin makeup with a natural glow. You can mix the shades at will to sculpt, illuminate, highlight the cheeks. Its formula, enriched with spherical powders and special coated pigments, glides gently on the face guaranteeing a natural and iridescent finish. The…

    • DIVINOUBA Compact powder


      Superb, innovative, compact, hybrid skin perfector powder, of delicate softness and light consistency. Uniforms the complexion naturally due to the presence of micronized, coated pigments. Modular coverage and highly sensorial. Presented in a fabulous easy to use compact with mirror and sponge.

    • DOUBLE BUBBLE Duo pearly eyeshadow


      Duo eyeshadow rich in soft pearls for a luminous and homogeneous finish. The two-color harmonies mixed together on the refined palettes of chiaroscuro guarantee a magnetic deep look. The creamy texture allows you to modulate the writing and to create extraordinary degraded finishes. Change the intensity of the color using…

    • EARTH POWDER Bronzing powder


      Bronzing powder enriched with ultra fine pigments and mineral powders. Its light texture gives the skin a natural tanning look. Compatible with the foundations in assortment. Long lasting and transparent film. Available both in matt and pearly versions. Multiple use: face, eyes and lips.



      Eyeliner pencil with creamy and flowing stroke. It perfectly defines the eyelid thanks to its soft and melting tip. It releases an intense long lasting color. The texture, rich in spherical powders, ensures perfect blendability allows to use it also as eyeshadow. Matt finish.

    • EYEBROW PENCIL Eyebrow liner


      Hard and precise wood pencil designed to fill and define eyebrows. Blendable texture for a natural effect. It slips easily, melts beautifully and stays all day.



      Sponge for the application of fluid and poured foundation. Made of a material that allows a uniform application of the foundation, preventing stains and streakes. The ‘soft touch’ handle, makes the application easier and faster.

    • GLEAMING Waterproof liner


      A waterproof, uber-black, ultra-thin liner that creates a precise line in just one stroke. Its ultra-thin felt tip is perfect for tight lining and adding definition to the eyes.The jelly texture gives the product a special glossy finish. Contains film-forming polymers that provide a long-lasting flexible film on the eyelid.…

    • HIDDEN BLACK Smoky eyeshadow


      Wet and dry eyeshadow with immediate write-on effect and perfect blendability for a smokey look. Two coordinated colors to obtain an impeccable make-up: a light tint to enlarge the eyes and a dark color to intensify the look, making it deep and seductive. Versatile formula that can also be used…

    • HYDROSTRESS foundation


      A special creamy foundation created to give the skin an immediate comfort sensation.Its unique texture contains micronized coated pigments that ensure a perfect coverage. It provides a very natural finish. Particularly suited for sensitive and reactive complexions.

    • IDEALE Hydrostress foundation


      Fluid foundation for a perfect and radiant complexion. A true beauty treatment that ensures the skin smoothness and soothing sensation. Its nourishing formula delivers a pleasant feeling of moist and comfort. Lighweight film and perfect coverage. Dedicated to reactive, dry and very dry skins. Available in 16 infused colours.

    • INKIOSTRO Lip tatoo


      A Lip marker with flexible tip that allows to define and precisely adjust the lips size. Its waterproof no-transfer formula guarantees a perfect lasting color during the day. The product can also be used as a lip filler for a light matt effect.

    • JEWEL EYE PENCIL Pro pencil


      Professional “extra long” pencil that provides a exact line and immediate write-on effect. The softness of the tip is ideal for perfectly marking the eyes margins. Its intense color and long-lasting result ensure perfect make up all day. Embellished with a bright colored Swarovsky. Luminous finish.

    • JEWEL LIP PENCIL Pro pencil


      Professional “extra long” pencil that provides a precise line and immediate payoff. The hardness of the tip is ideal for perfectly delining the lip contour. Its intense color and long-lasting result ensure perfect lips all day. Embellished with a bright colored Swarovsky. Matt finish.

    • KAJAL & CONTOUR Khol liner


      The perfect tool to emphasize the look. Two products in one: both a soft Kajal and eyeliner with an intense and vibrant color. Its soft and creamy texture releases a precise line of color on the eyes. Perfect blendability. Long-lasting effect. Available in pearly and matt finish.



      This lip pencil perfects your lip contour for several hours with a precise and smooth line. Setting agents keep color where it belongs and prevents your favorite lipstick from feathering. Impeccable long lasting.

    • LIPSHINE VOLUME Plumping gloss


      Nourishing gloss rich in charming shades. Long lasting vinyl colours, thanks to the high concentration of shiny ingredients and thin pearls. Moisturizing formula with 3-dimension volume effect. Pearly vinyl finish. Build up texture.

    • LIPSTICK Shine lipstick


      Creamy lipstick for an intense moisturizing sensation. Its ultra pigmented texture gives the lips homogeneity, brightness and colour. Build up effect without thickness. Long lasting without bleeding.

    • LIPSTICK Velvet touch


      The perfect mix between elegance and comfort. Thanks to its special shape, the lipstick gently glides on the lips giving an extraordinary moisturizing sensation. The elastic formula faithfully follows the lips in all their expressions. Creamy and soft texture for velvety perfect lips.


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