• BLUSH ON BUBBLE Baked blush


      Baked blush designed to give the cheeks a natural complexion. Its talc free formula releases a transparent film and pure color giving the face a refined “bonne mine” effect. The build up texture can be used wet& dry. Long lasting finish. Available in both opaque and pearly version.

    • COLLISION Multicolor blush


      4-colour blush with a soft consistency to enhance the skin makeup with a natural glow. You can mix the shades at will to sculpt, illuminate, highlight the cheeks. Its formula, enriched with spherical powders and special coated pigments, glides gently on the face guaranteeing a natural and iridescent finish. The…

    • DIVINOUBA Compact powder


      Superb, innovative, compact, hybrid skin perfector powder, of delicate softness and light consistency. Uniforms the complexion naturally due to the presence of micronized, coated pigments. Modular coverage and highly sensorial. Presented in a fabulous easy to use compact with mirror and sponge.

    • EARTH POWDER Bronzing powder


      Bronzing powder enriched with ultra fine pigments and mineral powders. Its light texture gives the skin a natural tanning look. Compatible with the foundations in assortment. Long lasting and transparent film. Available both in matt and pearly versions. Multiple use: face, eyes and lips.

    • HYDROSTRESS foundation


      A special creamy foundation created to give the skin an immediate comfort sensation.Its unique texture contains micronized coated pigments that ensure a perfect coverage. It provides a very natural finish. Particularly suited for sensitive and reactive complexions.

    • IDEALE Hydrostress foundation


      Fluid foundation for a perfect and radiant complexion. A true beauty treatment that ensures the skin smoothness and soothing sensation. Its nourishing formula delivers a pleasant feeling of moist and comfort. Lighweight film and perfect coverage. Dedicated to reactive, dry and very dry skins. Available in 16 infused colours.

    • LUCE Skin lightening


      Fluid gel formula enriched with iridescent pigments that emphasize the radiance look of the skin. Its innovative texture perfectly blends on the complexion, giving the face an immediate comfort sensation. Luce Lightening creates extraordinary luminous reflections, providing a blurred effect that hides small wrinkles and signs of tiredness.  Non-sticky texture…

    • MAGIC POWDER Lightening setting powder


      Light loose powder that instantly brightens the face and fixes the makeup with a thin and silky film. It transparent texture minimizes all of the facial imperfections and it is the ideal complement to smooth the skin with a veil of light.

    • NOUBAGLOW Skin glowing


      A maxi stick that fades and lightens all those unsightly skin blemishes, discolorations, dark areas, freckles and age spots. Its jelly formula gently glides on the face, offering an extraordinary luminous finish. It releases a light violet colour, ideal for masking signs of tiredness. Long lasting finish. This gentle moisturizing…

    • NOUBALIGHT Soft cream foundation


      A fusion-creamy foundation that provides a radiant finish all day long. It nourish, protect and smooth the skin providing an anti-aging result. The flexible formula, gives the complexion a fresh, bright and homogeneous colour. Medium coverage. For dry and dull skins. The trousse is provided by mirror and a sponge.

    • NOUBAMAT Powder foundation


      Versatile compact foundation for wet and dry use. It evens the skin and optically minimizes allskin imperfections by masking small wrinkles and dully spots. It guarantees a homogeneous complexion and a long-lasting matte finish. Perfect for photoshooting and selfies. Its unique texture perfectly adapts to oily and acne-prone skins that…

    • NOUBAMORE Second skin foundation


      Noubamore is more than a foundation, it is a beauty elixir that provides homogeneous and smooth skin. Its ultra liquid texture instantly melts with the skin, giving a perfect complexion. Formulated to meet the problems of young acne-prone skin, Noubamore instantly covers imperfections, discolourations, dark circles.

    • SOFT COMPACT POWDER Baked powder


      Compact powder with a silky touch and buildable coverage. Its lightweight texture perfectlyblends with the skin, releasing a pure and natural colour. Soft Compact powder is packaged in a practical cosmetic bag equipped with a mirror and a “hupette” sponge. It is a perfect product for quick make-up retouches during…

    • STAMINAL CONCEALER Cream camouflage


      Cream concealer packed in a functional dosing pen. Formula rich in fine pigments to guarantee immediate coverage of wrinkles, dark circles and skin imperfections. Its melting formula ensures a smooth and homogeneous finish. The texture blends perfectly on the skin emphasizing the natural complexion. Creamy touch for a pleasant sensation of…

    • STAMINAL FOUNDATION Anti-age foundation


      Creamy foundation that provides the complexion smoothness and homogeneity. The nourishing texture perfectly blends on the skin emphasizing its natural look. Silky and soft touch formula for a pleasant sensation of moist and comfort. Instantly covers dully skin, small wrinkles and stress signs. Created for skins that need nourishment and…

    • TOUCH Full coverage concealer


      High coverage concealer for a smooth and homogeneous finish. Its creamy texture perfectly melts on the skin, covering imperfections, dark circles, scars and wrinkles. Soft touch for a pleasant lifting sensation. Lightweight film. Long lasting and matt finish. High coverage.  


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