ONE-OFF guarantees a perfect and thorough makeup remove.
Its special dual-phase formula, quickly dissolves long-wear and waterproof makeup with just a light sweep of a cotton pad.
ONE-OFF leaves the lips clean, soft and supple, with no greasy residue.
Ideal to easely remove MILLEBACI!

CHARACTERISTICS: Li color remover with high cleansing power.
Suitable for removing water resistant and waterproof cosmetics.
60 ml

It contains both Hamamelis and Rose water extracts, well-known for their calming and soothing properties.

Shake well before use.Sweep gently over the lips using a cotton pad.

    • ONE-OFF Lip color remover


      Biphasic make up remover solution that quickly dissolves long-lasting or waterproof lipsticks with the simple swipe of a cotton pad. It guarantees a perfect cleansing and a pleasant sensation of well-being. ONE-OFF leaves the lips clean, soft and elastic, without unwanted grease residues. ,Ideal for easily removing MILLEBACI.


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