• LIPSTICK Shine lipstick


      Creamy lipstick for an intense moisturizing sensation. Its ultra pigmented texture gives the lips homogeneity, brightness and colour. Build up effect without thickness. Long lasting without bleeding.

    • LIPSTICK Velvet touch


      The perfect mix between elegance and comfort. Thanks to its special shape, the lipstick gently glides on the lips giving an extraordinary moisturizing sensation. The elastic formula faithfully follows the lips in all their expressions. Creamy and soft texture for velvety perfect lips.

    • MILLEBACI Long lasting lip cream


      The ultimate long lasting yet comfortable lip cream. Instant payoff and an unbeatablevelvet touch in more than 25 audacious shades. All of them with a perfect skin feel and a weightless yet rich colour release. For a thousand perfect kisses! A super fluid texture that creates an unparalleled high pigment…

    • NOUBASHINE Lipstylo


      Formulated with an exclusive jelly polymer base, Noubashine gives the lips an extraordinary brilliance and a three-dimensional effect. Its soft texture, glides and melts on the lips, delivering a pure and intense colour. An infusion of Aloe and Papaya protects the lips. The ultra comfortable formula gives the lips a…

    • ROUGE BIJOU Creamy lipstick


      Creamy and rich lipstick. A palette of bold colors and refined shades to give the lips charm and seducting power. The soft texture releases on the lips a bold luminous colour. Its ergonomic tip ensures the perfect application even on the thinnest lips. The packaging is equipped with mirror and…

    • SHINE IMPACT Shine lip cream


      Ultra bright lip color with ultimate long lasting finish. It releases a comfortable and elastic film on the lips. The ultra pigmented formula, grants an immediate coverage. The perfect combination between formula and applicator guarantees a precise release of colour. Anti-smudge texture for both younger and aged lips.


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