MASCARONE Triple Volume Mascara

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Maxi volume, maxi size and maxi brush: everything you want from a mascara. The rich and creamy formula gives the lashes an immediate volume. The lashes appears soft, thickened and wrapped in a ultra black color. Long lasting formula. No smudge and no crumble. Slow drying formula to allows a build up finish.

5 in stock

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A balanced mix of natural waxes gives the texture a rich creaminess.
The sugar-coated pigments provides ultra black finish.
Spherical powders for a full-bodied film without weighing down the lashes.
With Sunflower wax known for its protective and nourishing properties. Dermatologically tested. Free from allergen, triethanolamine, D5 and fragrance.

apply the product from root to tip, with up ward movements. It can be removed with water.

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